MARKIN Hong Kong. We are open!


NOVEMBER 21, 2014


MARKIN Fine Jewellery opens its first mechanical jewellery boutique in Hong Kong. The shop is located in the pedestrian area of Soho – 8 Elgin Street, Central Hong Kong. This unusual location is supported by an original concept - besides a jewellery store, there is a workshop, art gallery and bar.

The store will give customers an opportunity to touch the brand philosophy and personalize their jewellery items. There is a special area separated from the showroom by a transparent wall, so they can also look inside the jewellery-manufacturing process, witnessing the most spectacular procedures such as steaming, laser engraving and soldering.

Every quarter, a new local or international artist, selected by the Art Director, will have a personal “pop-up” exhibition. The purpose of these activities is to attract young talent, which will contribute to one of the brand’s main goals: bringing forward a new era of creativity, based on the highest standards of beauty and ethics.

The first to open this art marathon is Russian contemporary artist Pavel Kopaev.